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A team composed by the most experienced professionals in the matter of VAT and taxation. With offices in Sanremo and Imperia, operating all around the Mediterranean Sea, YACHT WELFARE by means of its practiced lawyers and experts in commercial law is at your complete disposal to undertake full responsibility for all VAT tasks on your behalf. YACHT WELFARE is able to provide a comprehensive estimate which includes the complete range of Fiscal Services and VAT Obligations to comply with the laws and rules set by the Italian Tax Revenue Office.

Thanks to his in-house Legal Department and its strong cooperation with the Omnishield Law & Fiscal Firm, the company also provides 360 degrees legal protection for what is concerned to any and all fiscal, administrative and penal matters providing 24/7 professional assistance for administrative sanctions, judicial inquiries, bureaucracies with Coast Guard and Customs Offices, petitions with the Local Authorities, practices with the Italian Revenue Office including all sorts of appeals to the Supreme Court.

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