No taxes on fuel, food&drink provisioning, deck supplies and repair works

with specific regards to the yacht’s provisions (fuel,  lube oil, food, drinks, spare parts, deck supplies, etc.) and maintenance works on board, for and during a charter subject to the Italians laws and rules, we hereby inform you that from 22nd April 2014, as per our Official Petition 903-13/2014-Art.11, law 27th July 2000, No. 212, filed with the Agenzia Delle Entrate (Italian Revenue Office) on 23rd January 2014, it became official that PROVISIONING is not taxable as per Art. 8-bis, paragraph-1, letter-d) of DPR 633/1972 (Presidential Decree). All the suppliers must head the invoices for PROVISIONING tax free under the ship’s owner company’s name with the Italian VAT code collected by the Fiscal Representative. After, therefore, the charterer is allowed to use APA to refund the ship’s owner company for the PROVISIONING costs. Please send an email to for more detailed info.