Sojourn Tax in Croatia 2018

Please find below the recent NEWS released by our Croatian partner MYS Yachting.

“We would like to simplify and clarify the Sojourn Tax fee structure for private and commercial vessels in 2018 as we have noticed that there is still a lot of misunderstandings and misinterpreted information circulating in the marketplace.” Please read and note:

According to the Croatian Sojourn Tax law implemented on the 1st of January 2009 the sojourn tax is the income of Croatian tourist boards used for the improvement, development and promotion of Croatia as a tourist country.

The sojourn tax must be paid by owners of private vessels and their guests, and by the guests on board commercial vessels.


The private vessel owner(s) or his/her guests pay the sojourn tax for themselves and all persons spending the night on that vessel, on a lump sum basis. A vessel is defined as any vessel over 5 m in length with built-in beds, used for rest, recreation or cruising, which is not a nautical tourism vessel (charter yacht). The lump sum of the sojourn tax is paid at the vessel’s entry into Croatia, or, if the vessel is already in Croatia, prior to departure from the marina or port, and the tax is paid in the harbourmaster’s office. The harbourmaster office shall issue a sojourn tax receipt. The invoice for the paid sojourn tax must always be on the vessel, and the master of the vessel must present it upon request of an authorized person. The sojourn tax fee depends on the length of the vessel and the period of time the sailors will stay on board the vessel:


5 – 9 m 9 – 12 m 12 – 15 m 15 – 20 m Over 20 m
up to 8 days HRK 130
(18 Eur)
HRK 400
(55 Eur)
HRK 500
(68 Eur)
HRK 650
(88 Eur)
HRK 950
(128 Eur)
up to 15 days HRK 240
(33 Eur)
HRK 700
(95 Eur)
HRK 950
(128 Eur)
HRK 1200
(163 Eur)
HRK 1800
(244 Eur)
up to 30 days HRK 400
(55 Eur)
HRK 1200
(163 Eur)
HRK 1600
(217 Eur)
HRK 2000
(270 Eur)
HRK 3000
(406 Eur)
up to 90 days HRK 950
(128 Eur)
HRK 2900
(392 Eur)
HRK 3850
(521 Eur)
HRK 4800
(649 Eur)
HRK 7200
(973 Eur)
up to 1 year HRK 2000
(270 Eur)
HRK 5800
(784 Eur)
HRK 7700
(1041 Eur)
HRK 9600
(1298 Eur)
HRK 14500
(1960 Eur)



If a commercial vessel is coming to Croatia after starting the charter in a non-EU country (e.g. Montenegro), or if the charter has started in Croatia, the guests on board the vessel pay a sojourn tax of 1,08 EUR per person for each night that they spend on board the vessel in Croatia.

If a commercial vessel is coming to Croatia after starting the charter in an EU country (e.g. Italy) guests on board the vessel pay the lump sum of the sojourn tax depending on the length of the vessel and the period of time the guests will stay on board the vessel (same as in private vessels).

Based on the above, we would like to advise charter brokers who are booking charters in Croatia to inform their clients accordingly, and masters of vessels that are planning to do their summer season in Croatia to speak about this to their charter representatives (e.i maritime agent, charter company) and make sure the above is understood in order to avoid incorrect payments and overcharges.

Please note:

1. The crew on board both private or commercial vessels are exempt from paying sojourn taxes.

2. The payment of the sojourn tax for guests on board commercial vessels should be handled by the local charter representative (i.e. maritime agent, charter company). The master of the vessel will provide the fee to the representative from the APA prior to the guest’s departure.

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