New Laws and Regulations for Charter and VAT in Croatia for upcoming season

1. Commercial yachts with EU and Croatian flags will be allowed to perform charter in Croatia, but only through charter companies or registered ship agents. Before coming to Croatia, however, a specific procedure will be required. For more details please email us to

2. Regarding commercial yachts with non EU flags, only those over 40mt in length will be allowed to perform charters in Croatia, but will be required to obtain a charter license. The cost of charter licenses will be approx. 300/400euros. The procedure of issuing the license might take up to several months. The license will be valid for 1 year. Also, the number of licenses issued will be limited and issued on a “first come, first serve” basis. So far for 2014, the total number of licenses stands at approx. 300.
Please note that based on the above info commercial yachts under 40m in length with a non-EU flag will NOT be able to start charters any longer in Croatia. Those yachts will be allowed only to disembark their guests in Croatia. Yachts with non EU flag over 40m in length will be able to embark guests in Croatia only if they obtain a charter license!

3. Private yachts will be able to embark and disembark their guests in Croatia regardless of flag. In cases where the owner and family members are not onboard, the Captain will have to have an authorized list of people with 1) names of guests and 2) length of time that these guests will spend on the yacht. This list of people will have to be authorized by the Captain’s signature and yacht’s stamp.

4. At this point VAT for charter activities in Croatia is 13%, but we are still waiting from the Croatian Tax Revenue Office for all the complete info regarding total VAT % and procedures as well as on how tax collection will be performed.